About Pete Lapish

Sometimes Pete Lapish (pronounced Lay-Pish) feels that in some ways he resembles the Lone Ranger (cowboy hero of an ancient TV series). He likes to work and paint on his own. In between commissions, which he accepted in years gone by, Pete painted where his interests took him.

Many city tramway scenarios, popular coastal locations, towns, countryside, dales venues, railways, not to mention the canals he found inspirational.

Good composition, colour and attention to detail are Pete’s guiding principles.

To add the liveliness Pete always tries to bring people to his paintings. In these pictures, whether oils, watercolours or acrylics, there are very few images without people. These range from a single figure, with or without a dog, so adding an often colourful focal point to give more interest and necessary scale to the painting.

The other extremes are the crowded city centre scenarios teeming with people. Water also plays an important role in very many of his paintings.

In late 2015, Cancer struck, a lymphoma which was attacking multiple bones. Pete’s life was given back to him by the ministrations of those wonderful people at the Scarborough and York NHS Trust. A bionic leg and the results of age have left him with a disability. Pete is always telling people not to get old. No one has yet taken him up on this, he can’t think why!!

Even whilst undergoing chemotherapy Pete wanted to create a new aspect to his work. The paintings from the 1970s onward had been photographed and despite house moves, he still retains many of the results. Very luckily, Pete met up with his digital mentor and continuing friend, Mick Jones.

Despite many frustrations with digital technology, Pete eventually managed to create and publish over 140 blogs entirely by himself. Each blog presented one of his multi-various paintings. These often included interesting information and/or advice. At one stage Pete Lapish even resorted to verse and became an insignificant poet!!

In late 2020, Pete was introduced to his Tonto (The Lone Ranger’s mate) if he does not mind being called that. A very knowledgable web designer and entrepreneur, Mike Hutchinson, entered the scene and a rapport quickly developed. Pete Lapish, ex-teacher etc. etc, professional artist who at 83 is still battling on, now with a partner who brings the organising capacity and expertise to take things forward.

Over several months, Pete has reworked the contents of his website, sorting images into over a dozen subject groups and locations, making everything much easier to find. Pete will also be making much greater use of Facebook to reach out to people who may find value in his work. PLEASE NOTE, THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER DIRECT BLOG POSTS ONTO THIS SITE.

Pete hopes you will enjoy what you see and that it brings back memories or gives you ideas of where to explore in the future.

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